Tuesday, March 6, 2012

No More Plastic Bags

Be earth friendly. Bring some reusable bags; you can use it when shopping for souvenirs, or when you buy other things. When packing for your things, if possible, for the things that you just bought take it out of its packaging. By doing this, you will save some more space and these packaging and containers won’t be an added weight on your luggage. This simple act can reduce waste and it won’t be an added weight to your luggage.

Who Needs Weighing Scale?

Excess baggage is that one thing that must not take place. We all know that the charge for the excess baggage can sometimes even exceed the amount of things that we bring. When we are on vacation, we tend to buy so many things for ourselves and also for other special people in our lives. For travellers, the common gadgets or devices that we have are cellphone, camera, chargers, ipod, mp3 players, tablets and extension cords. We seldom bring or use a handheld weighing scale. Why must we bring it? This simple device will be able to determine the weight of your luggage. You can maximize the space of your travelling bags by bringing more or eradicating some of your things. By having this device, you can spend your money on shopping and not paying the airline companies.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Outlet Situations

When traveling, never forget to bring adaptors (universal adaptors if possible) and extension cords. When you travel in a group, and you share hotel room with other people, always bring extension cords. The convenient outlets in most hotel rooms are quite limited. In this day of modern technology, people are more into gadgets and electronic devices. You don’t want to stay up late and wait for the others to finish charging their stuff so that you can charge your devices.

Adaptors are quite important to be left behind. Just imagine the scenario when your phone, camera and laptop batteries are drained, and just when you are about to plug your charger on the socket, you noticed that it would not fit. Always remember that you can never bring back memories, put adaptor and extension cords on you list.

How to Pack Light?

One way to save luggage space is to pack clothes that can easily be mixed and matched. Your outfits must be in the safest and chicest color. Another tip is by following word of advice from famous celebrities which is to wear something in Black. You simply can’t go wrong with this travel wardrobe staple! Bring shoes that matched you wardrobe. When travelling always leave some space on your luggage or travelling bag for souvenirs. Avoid bringing too many paper bags, the tendency is you can easily misplace or mishandle it. Always remember, travel light and avoid costly over baggage fees by airline companies.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Why is it Important to Know The Season In Your Destination?

If you are travelling to a certain place for the first time, it is important to check out the weather forecast. This will serve as your guide on choosing what type of clothes that you will bring. It's important to dress comfortablyAvoid wearing clothes that can easily draw attention, choose clothes that will make you blend more with the local scene. You can still look stylish and carry your own personality, but make the effort to go with the environment.

Be a stylish, smart, chic and sensible dresser.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Why Book in Advance?

For those who wants to travel and discover interesting places, it is highly recommended to book in advance. Airline companies give discounts to early birds. There are some companies that gives discounts to group travelers. This is also applicable with hotel reservations. If you will be seeing festivals or any celebrations during your visit, booking in advance is beneficial. Hotel prices go up as the celebration gets closer; it can double or even triple depending on the location.

In this time of the Internet, it is easier to get all the information that you wanted. It just takes time to do some research before getting any hotel reservations or booking your plane tickets. You can read blogs by travelers or visit travel forums. Check out their reviews, they can be a great help in choosing the right place to stay or which airline company to choose.  In getting low cost airline tickets, visit Airline companies website frequently and look out of their promos. Subscribing on their social networking sites like twitter and Facebook is also a must. By doing this, you’ll be updated of their latest promo.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Stay Hydrated

Summer is finally here! Many are now excited on planning their summer getaway. The first place we can think of when saying summer is the beach. While a nice tan can be great for our looks, too much sun exposure will result to sun burn and is really a big NO. It’s not only that the personal appearance would be compromised but also sun burn can cause too much discomfort.

 So this summer, in order to enjoy the summer heat stay hydrated all the time. Drink a lot of water and fruit juices. It is also one way of preventing heat stroke. Use lotion or sun block for your skin.Avoid skin breakage and sun burn. Always remember that too much sun exposure can result to skin cancer.